pet care service clermontFelix and Oscar Pet Food … Naturally :   We (human and dogs) love Felix and Oscar!  Not only do they provide a vast array of wholesome, natural pet food, homemade baked treats, wild bird food and unique accessories, the staff is wonderful–incredibly friendly and helpful—they are like family!  They spent a lot of time helping me find the best food for my allergic dog.  It’s not just a store—it’s an experience!

Rudy’s Friends Dog Training :   Wonderful, kind and patient are words to describe Rudy’s Friends Dog Training.  Based on the positive reinforcement approach to dog training, they provide both private in-home training and different levels of small group classes to meet your needs.  Their philosophy:  “Make training fun & happy and your dog will learn that responding to commands can be a great experience.”

Dented Lens Photography :  Are you looking for experienced photographers to take professional pictures of you, your family and/or pets?  Matt and Anthony each bring their own unique style to Dented Lens and are incredibly kind and patient, which shows in their extensive experience photographing pets.  Not only have we used them to take business photographs, but we have wonderful pictures of our pets that we will always treasure.

Rapid Paws : Rapid Paws provides concierge errand-services for cat and dogs in the Greater Washington DC Metro area.  Not only can they take your pet to daycare/boarding, the veterinarian (non-emergency) or groomers, they also provide top-notch interstate transportation and airport pick-up and drop-off.

Veterinary Holistic Center :  Are you looking for a holistic approach to your pet’s health to complement their current veterinary care?  The VHC, located in Springfield, VA, is the only facility dedicated to holistic veterinary care services.  Their services include Chinese Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Physical Therapy & Rehab and Positive Reinforcement Training.

Sacred Grove – Where People and Pets Heal & Connect Ever wonder what is going on with your animal? Intuitive animal communication can provide the answer! Maribeth Decker uses her heart-centered gift to help you: find the “why” behind the behavior; tell your animal about an upcoming change in the family; or find out if your animal is ready to transition and help everyone through the transition. You can actually have a 2-way dialogue with your animal.