belle-haven-dog-walkerBelle Haven Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

Are you feeling guilty because you have to leave your best buddy at home alone all day long? we can offer you a professional Belle Haven dog walker or pet sitter. As you walk out the door, do you get that long sad face with those big eyes that just breaks your heart each and every work day? They just do not understand that someone has got to go out everyday in order to bring home the bacon, and the bones, and the treats. You no longer have to feel bad about your pal just sitting at home all by themselves. While you are working the last thing you need to do is worry about your pet, so we can relieve you of your worries concerning your best friend. Just call us at Sampson Smiles Pet Care and we will rescue your pet from the doldrums

Sampson Smiles Pet Care can provide all of your pet walking needs. We offer dog walking and even cat walking if your cat is amenable to walking, a pet taxi service, and we can make sure they get their medication during the day as well. We will even take them to and from the vet for their medical needs or just for grooming. Whatever your pet needs when you are gone, we can provide it for him.

If you happen to be from out of town and are visiting beautiful historical Belle Haven and did not want to leave your dog back in your hometown, yet you still want to go out to tour all the interesting sites in the area, just call us. We will be happy to pet walk while you visit all of the great historic places of interest that do not allow any four legged friends (The absolute nerve of them! Who cares if George Washington sat in that chair? Honestly some people do not have their priorities straight!). It is a good thing that here at Sampson Smiles Pet Care we fully understand the importance of your pet, and that is what we are here for.

Also if you are staying at a hotel and are afraid to leave your pet for fear someone will come in and accidentally let your best friend wonder off, do not worry. We can come take him for a walk or stay with him, so you do not have to worry about him. You can go on to that important business meeting and concentrate on making the bacon for your handsome hairy friend. If you want to have a romantic date night with your secondary significant other (also known as the spouse), just let us know and we will come occupy your main squeeze so that he does not get jealous and rip the curtains off the windows.