dog walker kingstowneDog Walker and Pet Sitter in Kingstowne

If you are searching for a reliable dog walker and pet sitter in Kingstowne, then look no further. Sampson Smiles Pet Care offers dependable dog walking services whether you require this service on occasion or on a regular basis. Even if you are in need of a getaway and cannot take your beloved pet with you, we are here for you with our pet walker services.


There are many advantages to hiring a dog walker and pet sitter in Kingstowne. Busy professionals depend on our dog walkers while they are at work during the week and/or weekends. We understand that you cannot always make it home to take your dog on a 30-minute walk in the middle of the day. You can go to work without worrying because our company has been in the business for more than 15 years, is fully bonded and insured. Plus, our professionals go through a rigorous background check and are required to be pet first aid and CPR certified.

You never have to worry that you will make it home in time to take your dog out for a walk. We offer a variety of sessions that are sure to fulfill your and your dog’s needs. These include 20, 30, 45, and 60-minute dog walking visits. We do require at least two 30-minute visits within a single day (24-hour period) for dogs. All 20-minute visits are required to be conducted in conjunction with two 30, 45, or 60-minute visits within a 24-hour period.

dog-sitting-kingstowneDogs need regular exercise throughout the day. Even if you work from home, sometimes it can be difficult to break free from your daily tasks. However, your precious pooch needs to get outside for some fresh air and brisk activity. Our high quality pet care experts are happy to assist you by taking your dog out for a walk and essential exercise.

When you hire one of our pet walker professionals to care for your beloved family member, you will have peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving the best care possible. You see, we have our own furry family members at home and will always treat your dogs as one of our own. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding our services. We have worked hard to become well regarded in the local community and hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity.

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To obtain more information about our services, please reach out to Sampson Smiles Pet Care today. Call us at (703)-436-9490. We can also be reached at Schedule your free consultation for a dog walker and pet sitter in Kingstowne, today! We also offer dog walker and pet sitter in all the neighborhoods around Kingstowne including Ashby Heights, Carrington Estates, Cedar Knolls, Glenwood Mews, Hayfield Farms, Hayfield View, Kendrick, Lake d’Evereax, Tartan Village, The Mews, Wellfleet, Wickford, Windsor Park, Potters Glen, Fosters Crest and many more.