Diana Dowd is the owner and operator of Sampson Smiles Pet Care. You will never have to worry about talking to the person in charge, because you can always talk to Diana by just picking up the phone.

Diana and her husband, Kevin, reside in Alexandria, VA, with their two dogs, Jake and Sampson, two cats, Duncan and Hunter, as well as their fish friends.  Growing up, she was the one in her family that rescued injured birds, and would have brought every animal she ever met home (and kept them in her bedroom) if her parents would have allowed it.

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She has numerous years of experience in the pet-sitting industry, as well as decades of actual business experience, AND, previous experience as a business owner, She is excited to have the opportunity to provide quality, personalized pet care and peace of mind to people with pets in the Northern Virginia area.  Ultimately, her goal is to ensure that Sampson Smiles Pet Care is the right fit for you and your pet, so give us a call today to schedule a free consultation!